Stefan Stoyanov

Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor, Plovdiv

Stefan Stoyanov has been Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv since 2011.

He established the Business Development Department in Plovdiv Municipality and is actively working on establishing the city as the second center in the country for the IT and outsourcing industry. During these years the municipal team has helped to create several thousand jobs in both sectors and attract dozens of companies in Plovdiv.

He is actively working to establish the Thracian Economic Zone as the largest unification of industrial zones in the country and to attract a number of international companies to open industries in the region.

The development and implementation of a municipal program for innovation in public education has started. His team successfully develops programs for dual education and business schooling, introduction of cloud technologies and digitalization of the learning process in all municipal schools in the city, Montessori pedagogy in public education and others.

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